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The Dragon / Over the Hill

Balloons celebrate births and birthdays, graduations and anniversaries, and all the holidays in between. We give them as gifts to convey good wishes and set them free to soar up on the wind. The Dragon is an ongoing project created with the fallen balloons I’ve found littering the fields and shoreline of our riverside farm. Tied together in recognition of how all things in nature are connected, these errant balloons have been exhibited multiple times in different stages of development.


In its early incarnations, when it was significantly shorter, this sculpture’s title was Over the Hill, a phrase I found printed on one of the balloons. I chose it because it also means “absent without leave” and calls to mind the traditional British song “Over the Hills and Far Away,” inferring “out of sight, out of mind.”


But as I found more and more balloons and learned that the mass release of balloons has been made illegal in several states, I gave this artwork the more menacing title The Dragon. Made from non-biodegradable plastic, balloons pose significant threats to birds and animals who may mistake them for food or be entangled in the ribbons they inevitably carry. In addition, because of their metal coating, mylar balloons can cause power outages if they become tangled in power lines. Now at least 60-foot-long, this shape-shifting sculpture tells the life story of these stray balloons from celebration to trash to resurrection as art.

The Dragon L1480467.jpg
Installation view—Adkins Arboretum, 2022
The Dragon-detail L1480536.jpg
The Dragon-detail L1480470.jpg
Over the Hill_The Dragon detail-Ortiz Concert IMG_5612.jpg
Over the Hill_The Dragon detail-Ortiz Concert IMG_5622.jpg
Installation view—Robert Ortiz Studios, Chestertown, MD, 2017

Songs for Our Future Series: Concert to Highlight Climate Change & Clean Energy

Over the Hill_The Dragon-River Arts L1120244.jpg
Over the Hill_The Dragon detail-River Arts L1120251.jpg
Over the Hill_The Dragon detail-River Arts  L1120261.jpg
Installation view—RiverArts, Chestertown, MD, 2013
The Dragon-from Baltimore Sun review.Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 3.26.47 PM.jpg
Over the Hill_The Dragon-HCCA L1000990.jpg
Over the Hill_The Dragon detail-HCCA L1000995.jpg
Installation view—Howard County Arts Council, 2011
Over the Hill_The Dragon-Harmony Hall P1200689.jpg
Over the Hill_The Dragon detail-Harmony Hall P1200728.jpg
Installation view—Harmony Hall Arts Center, 2010
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