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Sandbox / Washington College 2016
Collaboration with Howard McCoy
As part of its interdisciplinary program fostering collaboration between the creative arts and sciences, Washington College’s Sandbox Initiative invited us to collaborate with ecologist Joan Maloof of the Old Growth Forest Network. Borrowing its title from a Native American name for trees, our project, “The Standing People,” explored the close affinity humans have with trees. It included site-specific installations on the College’s main campus, its Stepne Manor property and the Sandbox Gallery, a talk and interactive event led by Dr. Maloof, and a performance by dancer Sandra Kammann.
Acorn Ring, Zen Oysters, Branching L1270
Zen Oysters, Acorn Ring L1270848.jpg
Zen Oysters
Branching L1270885.jpg
Acorn Ring L1270747.jpg
Acorn Ring
Tree Tags L1270814.jpg
Tree Tags
Tree Tags-detail L1270817.jpg
Tree Tags (detail)
Tree Tags-detail DSC_0251.jpg
Tree Tags (detail)
Traces L1270862.jpg
Sacred Grove-detail Sandbox L1280319.jpg
Sacred Grove (detail)
Sacred Grove-detail Sandbox L1280313.jpg
Sacred Grove-detail Sandbox L1280328.jpg
Sacred Grove (detail)
Spiraling L1270899.jpg
Omphalos Sandbox L1270681.jpg
Omphalos-detail Sandbox L1270668.jpg
Omphalos (detail)

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