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Printed books - available at
The Turning Year-front cover.jpg
The Turning Year-pgs 14-15 w-border.jpg
The Turning Year- available at 
Iceland-front cover.jpg
Iceland-pgs 8-9 w-border.jpg
Iceland - available at 
Tree Tales-front cover.jpg
Tree Tales-pgs 56-57 w-border.jpg
Tree Tales - available at 
Handmade Artist's Books
January's Meadow (cover) L1360409.jpg
January's Meadow (2 pgs. A)-L1360412.jpg
January's Meadow
Standpoint-cover L1360417.jpg
Standpoint (2 pgs. text A)-L1360422.jpg
Standpoint (2 pgs.-vines) L1360420.jpg
Old Feet-cover L1460907.jpg
Old Feet-inside pages L1460909.jpg
Old Feet-inside pages L1460911.jpg
Old Feet
October Approach-cover L1460891.jpg
October Approach-inside pages L1460897.j
October Approach-inside pages
October Approach
Counting the Geese L1460871.jpg
Counting the Geese
Batk-Cover L1460903.jpg
Bark-title page L1460905.jpg
Bark-inside pages L1460901.jpg
Heron Dance-cover 1460873.jpg
Heron Dance
Heron Dance-inside pages L1460876.jpg
Heron Dance-inside pages L1460874.jpg
Black Walnut Leaves-cover L1460884.jpg
Black Walnut Leaves-inside pages L146088
Black Walnut Leaves-inside pages L146088
Black Walnut Leaves
Window View-cover L1460878.jpg
Window View-inside front cover L1460880.
Window View-inside pages L1460882.jpg
Window View

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