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The Apothecary
In the late 1990s, I began the Apothecary series as a way of cataloging the quantities of intriguing objects I collect on our farm and along the river. This ongoing series currently numbers nearly 200 jars and bottles. Each contains found materials labeled with a brief, often poetic description. The lid of each jar or bottle is painted gold to indicate the sacred quality of the materials inside.
It’s important to me to tell the stories of these objects, including something about the circumstances of when and where I found them. This is how science began—collecting specimens for study. Encompassing a broad range of materials, both natural materials and materials inadvertently left by humans, this series is indicative of this place and serves as a method of witnessing its ever-changing phenomena.
Apothecary detail L1430976.jpg
Apothecary-detail L1430972.jpg
Apothecary-wheat L1460807.jpg
Apothecary-china-young girl L1460817.jpg
Apothecary-sand & gravel L1460803.jpg
Apothecary-kitten fluff L1460825.jpg
Apothecary-cedar twig L1460809.jpg
Apothecary-beaver L1460800.jpg
Apothecary-fishing tackle L1460819.jpg
Apothecary-dragonfly L1460857.jpg
Apothecary-osprey-string L1460839.jpg
Apothecary-melted snow L1460835.jpg
Apothecary-marker tape L1460851.jpg
Apothecary-field corn L1460827.jpg
Apothecary-ginkgo 1460823.jpg
Apothecary-pit balls L1460843.jpg
Apothecary-fox scat L1460847.jpg
Apothecary-dove & quail shot
Apothecary-otolyths L1460863.jpg
Apothecary-wasp nests L1460855.jpg
Apothecary-tractor light L1460853.jpg
Apothecary-kelly fish L1460859.jpg
Apothecary-feathers small bird L1460845.
Apothecary-stinkhorn mushrooms L1460841.
Apothecary-pumpkin stems L1460837.jpg
Apothecary-cedar bark L1460811.jpg
Apothecary-milkweed pods L1460821.jpg
Apothecary-feathers skimmed L1460833.jpg
Apothecary-blue plastic L1460831.jpg
Apothecary-wool L1460829.jpg
Apothecary-heron L1460805.jpg
Apothecary-chain & hook 1460813.jpg

© 2024 by Mary McCoy.

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